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[13 Jan 2018|05:05pm]


hey so, this is ezra. i've been absolutely horrid at being active with him and am hoping to fix that, starting right this very second with this post you are reading right now. ez is recently 29, recently single and recently returned from a trip back home. home being manchester where he's originally from. he is currently between jobs and spends most of his time helping his nan cross items off her bucket list. for every item she crosses off, she adds another three but he doesn't mind. he's lived in the area for the past 15 years and graduated from dobbs ferry high school in 2006. he karaokes a lot, plays a bunch of instruments and is forever seeking out new people to sing or jam with!

in sum, if he sounds like the kind of dude you'd like a line with, hit me up! let's create some connections. let's write a random thread. let's party like it's 1999.
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